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Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5 Review

Zenonia 5  is developed by GameEvil Inc. The company is originally based out of South Korea, but has come to the United States as well. GameEvil is pretty huge in Korea as they have over 50 video games out. Both Zenonia 5 iOS and Zenonia 5 android is out in the app stores right now.


Zenonia 5 is an animated game that is based on time travel. You get to decide whether you want to be a bladder, a slayer, wizard, or a gunner. I  chose to be a bladder because you get to use two swords at one time, and that is pretty badass. As you are traveling through the game, you get a fairy as a companion. In the Game, you are known as the character Regret, a man from the future who goes into the past to fix problems and stop an evil wizard from taking over the world. Along the way, you get to meet a lot of people and have to do quests throughout the game to progress through the story line. When you reach a certain town, you have to rescue a girl who is part of a form of military. She then invites you to join their ranks as a recruit. That is when you see your son.


The problem with seeing your son is that he does not even know who you are. Your son’s name is Chael, and when you first see him, he does not like you. He say’s that you give him a bad feeling. Then, unlike anyone else, he sees the fairy that is always around you. This makes him even more suspicious, and makes him think that your motives are bad. Eventually, he begins to trust you and you go to fight a difficult boss together. When you beat the boss, you become surrounded, and in order to save your female friend, you have to run away while Chael fends for himself. You later on regret it.


I got to the very difficult part of the game, where you have to beat the final evil boss. After I upgraded all of my equipment and could not level up anymore, I traveled to hit dungeon and had to fight all of the guards in the palace. It was actually really hard, and then I spent day after day, searching for the secret door to where the boss was hiding. It was actually kind of frustrating, looking for the room. I finally found the room after days of searching. I bought the best equipment that I could afford, and leveled up as much as possible. When I went to go fight the boss, he killed me so easily. Then, I had to look for the room again, and it was just as hard as the first time. After I found it, I tried different abilities to beat him, and almost did it, but then a little tiny monster popped up behind me and killed me with two quick hits.


I love this game because it is so fun to play, it is almost addicting. The only problem are the graphics because they are just not that good. I love the plot and all of the quests that I can do.I also love the way the game is set up. You can fight in an arena with other people all over the world for a certain fee. That is the quickest way to level up. The game is so fun to play, and i would recommend it for anyone who can get it on the app store. It should still be free too. It is a game that you must try! I gave it a 4/5 because Zenonia 5 is a fun action RPG.

* Zenonia 5 is owned and developed by GameEvil Inc. I am not affiliated with them.


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How to install APK

1. Connect Android device to PC via USB cable and turn on USB storage.

2. Copy .apk file to attached device’s storage.

3. Turn off USB storage and disconnect it from PC.

4. Check the option Settings,  Applications,  Unknown sources.

5. Open FileManager app and click on the copied .apk file.
It will ask you whether to install this app or not. Click Yes or OK.

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