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Hello my name is Vitaliy and I am the only owner of AppleGuider.net. Every review is done by me. I am a casual gamer who enjoys console and mobile games. I am not a professional gamer, nor do I know everything there is to know about these games I review. For each review I usually spend a few days playing the game to see how I like it. There is no set game that I go for, I usually review games that I downloaded because it caught my eye in the App Store.  Currently all these games are played on my iPhone 5s. I do not have an Android device so I do not know the differences between a game that is on both. Some games are different on both operating systems. I write these reviews for my own enjoyment and to let people know about what games are out there for your mobile phone. I do not know any of the game developers that make these games. If you are a developer of one of the games I reviewed and wish for me to take it down, please contact me using the contact us page. I do not benefit from writing the reviews from any of the games from the developers. I am also in no shape or form related to Apple. Apple is a registered brand and I have absolutely no affiliation with them.

Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the reviews you read, as I welcome your input. If you see a mistake in the review please point it out for me. If you see I said something incorrect about an aspect of the game please let me know as well. Remember I only play these games for a few days and then write my review. Typically if I enjoy the game I continue to play it and update the review.  It can be a big difference between the beginning of a game and the end of it.  However, I cannot spend a month playing a game to write a review or you will never have any reviews to read.

I also strive to bring easy downloads of these games directly to your phone. These are paid apps that you get for free. It is very simple to do, as you just click download here. Each download is content locked because I need to make a source of income for uploading these games. The content lock is fast and simple to do.

Lastly, I welcome any user review submissions as long as they are original. I am happy to credit you accordingly and provide a link to your website. Just contact me, I am sure we can work something out. I am always looking to add more reviews to AppleGuider.net as the site is site fairly new. Please bookmark us and keep checking back as I am always updating my website.

Thank you for visiting AppleGuider.net and I hope to see you back soon!